Mello & June’s Mission

Welcome to Mello & J51ebaa37-4aa9-4a8d-a72a-7365870a7098une, It’s a Book Thang! Blog. When I first created this blog in June of 2007, it started out as a place where I could showcase my writing and convey my writer’s mind onto the social media scene. At that time, I hadn’t even started writing my first novel, Mello & June, a Musical Romance Soundtrack. Hmm, you’re thinking that’s a mouthful to say, and, what exactly does it mean? The backstory to Mello & June actually goes back to when I was in my late teens/almost an adult. My character, Mello, was a combination of a couple men I had longstanding relationships with. I took something from each of those men and turned them into Mello. June was a combination of my personality, as well as a few women I knew. Each chapter of Mello & June is titled after one of my favorite R&B songs. If you happen to know the lyrics to those songs, it will give you some insight as to what the chapter entails. Many fans and followers inquire as to how I got the name for the blog, and now you know the story behind it. Just like that Mello & June was born.
Not only do I have such a passion for writing, my first love is reading. When you factor in both those passions, this is how you get It’s a Book Thang! To say ‘thing’ would have been too straightforward, I wanted something that had a little more flare to it, so I chose the slang version ‘thang’ to add more emphasis on how serious I am about literacy. I’ve loved the written word ever since I found out what words were. My mother read to me while I was still in her womb, and she continued to read to me after I embarked in the world. There isn’t a time, that I can recall, my mother not reading something. She began going to the library at a very early age with her parents, and she continued that tradition with my brother and I. 
When I step inside a library, it’s almost like an out-of-body experience. I’m not sure if I can capture into words how books make me feel, but to say it creates a natural high would be an understatement. It’s as though the books speak to me and my soul listens. Literally, I could spend the entire day at a library and be totally within my element. It’s a place where I feel safe and free to be me. What other place on earth can you go and be with your thoughts and visit worlds and galaxies unheard of?  
What is Mello & June’s mission? Simply put, to bring that same intoxicating feel of what a library does to my soul to share with others. Reading and writing are such wonderful gifts and many of us have been bit by the bug and that’s a venom I don’t ever want a cure for. Reading is my life! Writing is my life! I would be so lost without the two of them. Someone once asked me what would I miss in this life, when it’s time for me to Passover? My response, “Reading and writing. Hopefully heaven has an extensive library because that’s where you’ll find my soul resting.” 
Many people exercise their body, but often times neglect his/her own mind. You’re really doing a disservice to your mind by not exercising its thinking capabilities. There are millions of authors out there with many books to pick and choose from. We’re so glad you decided to stop and check out our authors and book tours we host. If you don’t come away with something you’d like to read from our blog, it is our sincerest hope you go away with the reading passion and the importance of passing on literacy to future generations.
We hope you share our blog with other readers and avid book fans! Thank you for taking your precious time you could have spent anywhere else on the web and deciding to choose Mello & June, It’s a Book Thang! 
As always, Intellectual Minds, Happy Reading! Pass It On!

With Love of Books and Reading, Yours Truly,

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Book Reviewer

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